The activity of the miners is increasing along with the price of Bitcoin

The activity of the miners is increasing along with the price of Bitcoin
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As the cost of Bitcoin increases, the activity of the miners is increasing. The BTC hash rate reached 141.1 exaSec per second (EH/s) in the middle of this week, which is the highest level since 20 October 2020.

If you look at the graph presented by the service, you can see that computing capacity on the network has been increasing since 4 November.

At the end of last month, the BTC hashreit unexpectedly collapsed to the minimum observed after halving (half of the award for miners).

Analysts linked the weakening of computing activity to the end of the rainy season in several Chinese provinces. The miners were forced to migrate to other regions, which resulted in their massive disconnection from the grid.

The growth began in November against the backdrop of another phase of Bitcoin price increases. On the eve, the largest digital currency exceeded $19,000 for the first time since mid-December 2017.

The BTC hash rate is likely to continue to grow as the miners seek to extract as many coins as possible to capitalise on the growth of the kryptor market.

At the moment, China is still leading the world in terms of computing capacity used in BTC mining. However, there are countries that are willing to squeeze out the Celestial Empire.

Recently, the Arcane Research team published a study in which it indicated that the US, Russia and Kazakhstan have strengthened their positions on the list of bitcoin majors. For example, Kazakhstan’s share in BTC hashrets exceeded 6%.